Monday, 12 December 2011

"Woody Allen's 'Tranny Granny' "

FYC: "Woody Allen's 'Tranny Granny' " - The Manhattan mirth-meister's hard-core pornographic semi-autobiographical re-imagineering of Robin Williams classic "Mrs Doubtfire", in which Allen plays a perverted film director, Buddy, suffering from sexual frustration as his shrew-like wife's divorce proceedings deny him the chance to fuck his adopted children. But there are chuckles a-plenty when Buddy disguises himself as a kindly, matronly nanny so that he can continue to pseudo-paedo-incestuously diddle his kids over the holiday season, under the very noses of his embittered wife and a callous judicial system. A festive Christmas treat for the whole family. Includes the classic lines "Don't touch her dreidel!" and "Isn't Rufinol traditional for Hannukah latkes?"

Monday, 5 December 2011

My Dinner With Peter Andre

FYC: "My Dinner With Peter Andre" - When Vin Diesel's limousine breaks down on the motorway en route to a press event in England to promote his latest film, he is forced to have a meal at the Little Chef at the infamous Heston Services. There he almost loses the will to live over a bowl of alledged tomato-soup whilst being waited on by listlesss, resentful staff and angry families with screaming children. However, his meal is enlivened by the arrival of another celebrity, Peter Andre, who has come to Heston on business (cutting the ribbon on the new Greggs for twenty quid and two sausage rolls) - the two proceed to talk about life, love, and the fickle nature of international stardom, with Andre asking Diesel what it's like.