Sunday, 20 August 2017

My Struggle With Andre

FYC:"My Struggle With Andre" - In a dystopian future all major disputes are settled by betting on a televised hand to hand duel to the death between two champions. The wisdom of the audience has decided these to be resurrected clones manufactured by neuro-simulation and advanced genetic engineering technology of, on one hand, the Fuhrer of the Third Reich, and, on the other, Andre the Giant. Rebels against the televisiocracy, who believe that there must be a better form of governance, foolishly sabotage the cloning tank resulting in two creatures, one with Hitler's head but the enormous, powerful body of Andre, and one with the kindly bloated head of Andre atop the puny  body of the 20th C. genocidal maniac. Adolf the Giant goes on a rampage, emboldened by his new form, eager to restore the Reich, and it is up to Andre the Weakling to somehow overpower and decapitate him. Not worth seeing at cinema, but good for family viewing in your livings-room.