Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Disintegration of Hélène 'Cock Puncher' Stromboli

FYC: "The Disintegration of Hélène 'Cock Puncher' Stromboli" - Brooding and depressing French meditation on morality and gender politics by the director of Amour.

Sophisticated middle-aged dominatrix Hélène Stromboli, acknowledged by the fetishists of Paris as the best cock puncher in the business, finds her world turned upside down when the beautiful young Natalie approaches her with a strange request; rather than seeking to learn the secrets of cock punching herself, she instead asks to hire Stromboli to punch her in the twat.

This causes Hélène to spiral in to a maelstrom of confusion and apathy, and to reflect on her marriage, career, and motherhood. Can she punch a woman in the twat? Should she? DARE she..?