Sunday, 25 March 2012

"The Lent Enema Murders."

FYC - "The Lent Enema Murders." Slow existential serial-killer film based on Ingmar Bergman's unfinished attempt at a commercial Hollywood script. Bruno is a young actor traumatised by his upbringing with an overbearing mother, a former nun who believed mostly in floggings, incoherent, fervently-babbled prayer, and anal douches. After she falls down a well in an attempt to rescue a chicken, Bruno slowly descends into psychosis, seeing visions of her in the shape of an angry, floating ash-tray. He can only stop the shouting of its silent voice temproarily through committing enema murder, and soon Sweden is in a paranoid hysteria over the killings, with neighbour denouncing neighbour and vigilante mobs lynching any innocent pharmacist who stocks rubber tubing. As Bruno's psychosis deepens, his outrages escalate, until eventually he kidnaps the head of the Swedish tax authorities and locks him in a closet in a basement with a hose plugged into his anus, slowly swelling his colon with water, and holds the authorities to ransom for a shipping container full of butterflies. Culminates in the deeply affecting line that has become a catchphrase in Sweden and France: "Mamma, din slyna, dör jag!".

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