Wednesday, 16 May 2012

No Win, No Fee

FYC: "No Win, No Fee" - Uwe Boll's meditative adaptation of John Grisham's long-suppressed abortive debut thriller. Daniel Malwell (Vin Diesel) is an idealistic young lawyer who scored 189 on his MBE and subsequently had his pick of placements, but the prestigous law firm (specialising in unpaid professional wrestling fees) that he chooses turns out to be a hive of villainy and corruption, frequently over-charging the number of billable hours and playing fast and loose with taxi expenses.

Appalled by the darkness he has found in the heart of the American legal system, Daniel finds both his moral and metaphysical certainties shaken to the core, ultimately descending into madness and suing himself for his own unpaid legal fees.

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