Sunday, 13 January 2013

ULU-CHOD ! Owl-Fucker McGee Goes To Kashmir

FYC: "ULU-CHOD ! Owl-Fucker McGee Goes To Kashmir" - Shot back to back with its predecessor, in this outing McGee's avian rapine almost causes a third Indo-Pakistan war in the volatile, triply-divided valley.

After McGee escapes America, having made a killing on sub-prime loans and having his psychiatrist held as an Al Qaeda agent in Gitmo, the benighted residents of Kashmir enjoy a brief respite from the ongoing conflict when rumours surface of a mysterious stranger offering $68,000 as a bounty for any large owls that can be found and delivered alive - but they must weigh 3kg or over to be big enough for his purposes.

A frenzy of owl-hunting follows, but it turns out that the enigmatic eccentric is even harder to find than giant owls themselves.

The mood swiftly turns both to revulsion, however, when the air is filled with distressed  hooting at unusual times of day, and scores of dead and seriously wounded Bubo bengalensis are found littering the valley with their insides full to the brim with blood and human semen - these owls are not simply being sacrificed for Diwali black-magic, after all.

Indian and Pakistan blame each other for this grotesque violation of majestic regional fauna, and nationalistic tensions run high... can McGee escape before the shelling starts?


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