Monday, 13 May 2013

Down and Out in Washington, D.C.

FYC: "Down and Out in Washington, D.C." - Sean Penn stars and directs in magic-realist fable in the tradition of Jerzy Kosinski, Paulo Coelho and Frank Capra in which Adam Panandros, a learning-disabled homosexual, is goaded into running for the presidency as a joke by vicious internet trolls... but soon it is Adam who is laughing, as he somehow wins over the hardest hearts in America and becomes a front-runner on a simple platform of his natural innocence and warmth... and his stock answer to all questions of "SMILES AND HUGS!"

The National Down Syndrome Society has called the film "patronisingly offensive at best" and urged a boycott, but Penn has argued that he is promoting inclusiveness and portraying a positive role-model for the learning disabled - in an effort to prove his sincerity and deflect criticism, he has vowed to stay in character as 'Adam' until he wins an Oscar.

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