Monday, 21 November 2011

608 State: Mozart Whores It To The Robots

FYC: "608 State: Mozart Whores It To The Robots" - Michael Bay's action packed prequel to Amadeus in which the musical prodigy, having had to squander his annual income on a syphillis treatment, is forced to combine two fantasias into one for Mr Muller's mechanical musical robots in return for the payment of his gambling debts. But little do they know that a music-hating time-traveller has returned from the future and is sabotaging Mozart's manuscripts on their way to Muller's gallery, introducing complex viruses that make the robots churn out Coldplay and go on a killing spree in Vienna. Mozart is blamed for the 'daemoniac' music until the time-traveller's true nature is revealed... but it turns out that he is the descendant of the man killed by Muller in a duel, when he was living under his real name of Count Deym von Stritez, and there is a death penalty hanging over Mozart's benefactor!

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