Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jenkem Jones and the Bottles of Luxardo

FYC: "Jenkem Jones and the Bottles of Luxardo" - Intrepid 19th century explorer and exotic drug-dealer India 'Jenkem' Jones investigates a ruthless East-end gang of bootleg jenkem manufacturers, who are flooding the European market with unwholesome, less psychedelic jenkem produced from the bowels of London's street urchins, covering up the lack of the distinctive Zambian aroma of the true product from Lusaka by tipping the contents of random spirit bottles into the faecal mixture before fermentation. Queen Victoria, whose stock has been contaminated, has taken to her bed in a fit of deep melancholia and her doctor fears that only genuine jenkem will revive her. Can Jenkem Jones save the Queen, and the Empire? Starring Adrien Brody as the indefatigable man of action and letters.

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