Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bro's Before Ho's

FYC: "Bro's Before Ho's " - Ice Cube's sophomore directorial offering is an 'Urban' adaptation of Eugene O'Neil's 1920 Pulitzer Prize winning play ' Beyond The Horizon ', spiced up for today's young audience with added AK-47's, drug abuse and pole-dancing.

Earthy pragmatist Dre wants nothing more than to take over his father's lap-dancing lounge cum illicit marijuana-farm, keep paying off the pigs, and make Ruby, the star stripper of the club, his bottom-woman. But Ruby is preoccupied with taking care of her crack-addled disabled mother, and only has eyes for Dre's starry-eyed weakling brother Rob, who has just come back from Yale but wants to go exploring  Africa to inspire him to write a hip-hop concept album to be called 'The Mother Land'.

But in a tale of  long-nursed resentments, ironically reversed and frustrated ambitions, and drive-by shootings, everyone either dies slowly from bitter, gnawing depression, or from having a cap put in their ass...

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