Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Carry On Auschwitz !

FYC: " Carry On, Auschwitz ! " - Michael Winner's homage to classic British comedy based on a recently discovered script by dead old pervert Sid James, in which he used his art of cretinous sexual farce to come to terms with his place in the Jewish Diaspora and their great tragedy in the 20th century.

Clint Eastwood plays the Sid James part of Josh Rosenberg, a Polish Jew who, in preference to escaping the Nazis, becomes a transvestite so he can be rounded up for the death camps and share a bunk in the women-only dormitories.

Meanwhile, the Kenneth Williams character, played by Brad Pitt, keeps volunteering to help 'erect the guard-towers', Barbara Windsor plays a cameo against type as the camp's Matron, and Keira Knightly shines as an underage Gypsy girl drafted into the Joy Division.

Winner did not ultimately win the Israel Prize he had hoped for with this effort.

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