Thursday, 24 October 2013

Turdburglar Hill, a.k.a. Purple Heart-Break

FYC: "Turdburglar Hill", a.k.a. "Purple Heart-Break" - Brokeback Mountain meets Platoon in this miscalculated attempt at both Oscar-bait and self-rehabilitation from his homophobic reputation by Rush Hour director Brett Ratner involving a steamy love triangle between Joaquin Phoenix's green-horn squad lieutenant, Ving Rhames' stoic but sly sergeant and Jet Li's inscrutable Viet-Cong POW.

Hopes of nomination were dashed when Ratner pronounced "I felt it was time to pay tribute to the contribution made to our country by gay servicemen and women and to counter the culture of institutional and casual prejudices that undermine our humanity, and the best way for me to do that was through the healing medium of storytelling entertainment [...] and with Rush Hour I've shown that I can entertain better than anyone... just give me a gook and a nigger and a couple of action sequences and I'm good to go."

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