Monday, 7 October 2013

You've got SPAM !

FYC: "You've got SPAM !" - Adam Sandler stars as Joel Pistachio in this feel good fantasy about a man who trades his anal virginity to a filthy, reeking, mysterious hobo (Tom Hanks) in exchange for a magical e-mail account that makes the spam in his inbox come true as long as there is a regular supply of hobo sperm into his dirtbox.

Soon he has the perfect six pack, a giant penis, as much Cialis as he would ever need, discount Rolexes, an uncanny ability to chat up the ladies and US$419,000 gifted to him randomly by the god-fearing relative of a corrupt Nigerian politician. But when a message arrives from the incredibly beautiful daughter of a billionaire who has been abducted and held hostage in Spain, whose identity must remain a secret and whom only Joel can help, the uncanny vagrant disappears, and Joel must find him and keep him from drinking himself to death just long enough to pump him full of putrid tramp jism one last time...

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