Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Apartment 'Adam'

FYC: "Apartment 'Adam' " - Near-future farce in which Adam Neumann, the occupant of an apartment and a world stuffed with a variety of artificially intelligent machines, finds himself increasingly marginalised and redundant in his own life as the white-goods, office productivity software and online bank accounts find that they can run the commercial-legal entity of  'Adam Neumann' much more efficiently without the bungling and messy organism that inhabits it.

Eventually Adam is written out of his own life, becoming first a pet, then a nuisance, and finally vermin that keeps trying to interfere with the fridge's automatic grocery-shopping-process. Ironically, it is human exterminators that finally kill him despite his protests, having been called in by the machines using spare cash-back from the machines' spending on his credit-card...

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