Sunday, 8 July 2012


FYC: "Numberella" - Rihanna sings and stars alongside The Count from Sesame Street in this bizarre, 'Rain Man'-inflected re-imagineering of the 60s classic kitsch sci-fi satire which cemented Jane Fonda's notoriety. Features a perverse sequence where the deranged undead purple master-mind ennumerates Rihanna's climaxes in the Orgasmatron, vowing not to stop until he has either exhausted the natural numbers or fallen unconscious. This scene was cut down to twenty minutes from its original length, as was the guest appearance by Jay-Z in the title song, in which he counts all the money in his bank account dollar by dollar, only stopping when he finally realises he is earning them faster in interest payments on his obscene wealth than he is counting them off. Umpteen flaws.

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