Friday, 20 July 2012

Honey, There's A Head In The Freezer!

Art by The Silver Monkey

FYC: "Honey, There's A Head In The Freezer!" - Family farce based on the long-running, grotesquely violent Martin Scorsese TV sitcom 'My F**king Godfather-In-Law!' in which Dave Milton (Jim Belushi), a put-upon San Diego working-man whose wife (Jenna Elfman) is the daughter of a psychopathic Mafia don Vic Valachi (Joe Pesci), finds himself a second-class citizen in his own home after his father-in-law comes to stay for a while after fleeing a mob-war in New York ('I'll sleep on da couch, I won't bother ya none... Don't open my suitcase, it's for your own protection.').

As the 'short vacation' turns into months of all Dave's beer being drunk before he gets home, wise-guy insults, loud snoring, and Vic insisting that Dave help him clean up 'hits' that have gone wrong, Dave's patience wears thin, despite his wife's promises that her father will leave 'as soon as he's got his confidence back'.

Dave's finding it increasingly hard to control his temper; but can he risk confronting his father-in-law and upsetting his wife, and probably joining the other corpses in the back-yard?

Includes the trade-mark catch-phrase from the TV series in a clever, totally unexpected context: "Can't we just get rid of him?!"

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