Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"L'Attaque de Sloth"

FYC: "L'Attaque de Sloth" - Existential monster movie based on recently discovered notes made by Jean-Paul Sartre for his first novel. Jacques is a morbid and apathetic young academic, overwhelmed with feelings of disgust at his fellow man. When a sloth at the Paris zoo accidentally swallows a piece of uranium and mutates to giant size, the city is subject to a slow-moving but awful terror as the beast perambulates the arrondisements, eating buildings, parked cars and invalids. The French army are unable to dispatch the unholy monster and evacuate Paris. However, Jaques refuses to leave the cafe he loathes on the Seine, subsisting on a diet of Gitanes and soured red wine, despite the periodical remonstrations of his acquaintances who come back to the city in an attempt to save him from the furry menace, whom he insults until they leave him to his fate of being very, very, slowly eaten. Starring Ryan Gosling as Jacques and Vin Diesel as L'Arc de Triomphe.

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