Thursday, 14 February 2013

Owl-Fucker McGee's Strange Adventures In Time And Space

FYC: "Owl-Fucker McGee's Strange Adventures In Time And Space" - McGee's fanatical psychiatrist manages to have him sectioned indefinitely in a high security psychiatric facility, where he meets a Tesla-like fellow patient who has been filling notebooks with a demented scrawl outlining plans for a time-machine. McGee is intrigued and purchases the designs off the mad Nobel prize laureate for a packet of Sovereign cigarettes and a Mars bar, before completing his inevitable violent escape... with the aid of himself, having come back from the future.

Now assured of time-travelling success , McGee gambles all his reserves on building the machine in an attempt to win the big prize: a shot at fucking the largest owl that ever existed: Ornimegalonyx, the extinct Giant Cuban Land Owl. After briefly popping back a week or so to rescue himself from Broadmoor, McGee sets off for the Caribbean of a long, long, time ago...

This could prove to be McGee's most challenging expedition yet, however; not only is the time-machine fucked on arriving in prehistory (due to the lack of essential GPS satellites for its guidance systems), but McGee finds to his cost that Giant Cuban Land Owls are not only highly intelligent social predators, but also highly perverse sexual predators to boot... has the hunter finally become the hunted?!

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